Blitzkrieg Blabber Post

The Future is Now. Selfie on iPhone 3GS. No longer available in 3D.

Haha, so what’s the point?

I mean, I really wonder a lot about that.
Not like, “What’s the point of going on anymore?”
I’m past that. It’s more like, “What’s the point of getting so worked up about stuff and things?”

Caring is one thing. Being a freakazoid spaz-face is another.

Facebook is fucking stupid.
How many times have you posted something totally worthless because it highlighted something (physically/mentally/philosophically) attractive about yourself?
I know for me it’s more than once.
Yea, I’m fucking stupid. But geez almighty, where does it end?

I wonder if the next time we hang out you’re going to say something like, “Yea, Prince died, but so did Cops!”
No… well, you might.
Thanks for clearing that up, by the way, you shitcock. You smug fucking douche. What a waste.
I love you, but just shut your mouth when you open it.

And look, I’m not really calling you a douche. It’s the idea that’s douchey. You just adopted it. You’re like a douche guardian. Not so bad, right?

Just to be clear, the idea or thought-process I’m targeting here is, “This is what’s really important. What you care about is stupid and trivial. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT I SAY IT’S BETTER THAN WHAT YOU SAY!”
And again, I’ve acted through that mindset (and still do sometimes). I’m not trying to paint myself as superior. It’s just frustrating to see so many people post things solely for the sake of being combative and debasing. When I catch myself being a douche in this manner, and then do something more useful with my energy, I feel a lot better about being myself.
Just a quick life-hack for ya. Free of charge.

Oh and yea, I get it: people die.
That was Lesson 2, if not Lesson 1.
Catch up.

I went to my friend’s house earlier and his son was losing his mind playing with a garage door opener. He’s got it right.
That’s what we should get worked up about.

We have running water and the internet and shoes. That is outrageously dope.
I can run, full sprint, on pine needles without getting a single ouchie.
I can, while sitting on the toilet, press these little black keys on a “computer,” and it turns into this pile of shit that I can then broadcast to all of you in an instant.
And then I can get into a porcelain box and make rain happen to wash away the filth.

A round of applause for humans.

Bye, now.

What are your thoughts?