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Blurry Llama. Wilson, WY. Shot on Fuji Velvia 100 X-Pro.

This ought to be good.

When you write for the sake of writing, it usually turns out really well. It never ends up being a bunch of contrived, faux-philosophical, arrogant bullshit. Nope. Never.


Man, I’m stupid. Last night at dinner, I read the words “Add Cheddar, American, Swiss” as “Lettuce, Tomato, Swiss.” (It was in the description for the burger I ordered. I ended up getting gouda, btw.)

I’ve been thinking about buying a bow. Like a bow with which to shoot arrows. Great fuck, no: I have no idea what I would do with it. Actually that’s not true… I would probably shoot it at stuff, hopefully getting better and better until I could kill deer and other animals with it. My diet would be free range as fuck.
The thing is, I also found a website about how to make a bow by hand, and that seems way more legit. The main question there is, “Am I legit?” No, of course I’m not. The only time I’ve used a bow was to shoot some dumb arrow with a tennis ball fashioned as the point. Couldn’t kill shit with that.

I started a landscaping job about a month ago.
I like it.
I like being outside and playing in the dirt. Plants are also considerably dope creatures, and it is quite educational to make yourself their caretaker. It’s a task that is scientific and also totally not. You know how when a baby cries, her mother will just be like, “Oh, she wants her red blanket. No, not the teddy bear, the blanket!” and you’re like, “How in the shit do you know that?” Well, that’s basically exactly how I am with plants. I can spot a little brown lesion on the leaf of a hydrangea and tell, without question, that it needs its red blanket.

Landscaping has also been super cool because I can listen to podcasts and audiobooks for seven or eight hours a day without disruption. I got through a book and a half this week, as well as two podcasts about Genghis Khan. It was pretty wicked. I feel so well read.

I think the key to life is to come up with a really simple, narrow set of cognitive prescriptions and then to prescribe them. Tell everyone how you figured out how to be happy. Demand that they follow the same path.

I recently realized that the saying, “It’s a cliche, but it’s true.” is a cliche itself… but it’s true. Haha, I’m so smart.

Does anybody want to hang out later and complain about things?
Hit me up. Cell’s good.

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  1. Anything without disruption is golden.
    Most hated cliche: “It is what it is.” Really? I’m a new person because you clarified that for me!

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