A Blog About Why I Don’t “Get It.” Alternate Title: Wow. Tertiary Title: Brains of Steel

Life is pretty nuts. If you just consider what’s happening, what’s going on here… this shit is WILD. I think that’s what most excites and frustrates me about being alive – the possibilities are endless and yet we engage in systemized dogshit whirlpools of offensive stupidity. Like, it’s offensive how stupid we are. But we’re also awesome. Take… More A Blog About Why I Don’t “Get It.” Alternate Title: Wow. Tertiary Title: Brains of Steel

What’s the Dream? – How We Can Maybe Suck Less

I finished a book last night. It was Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, by Yuval Noah Harari. Did you know banks can loan ten times the amount of cash they physically possess? Our economy is a lie!! Actually, the thread that tied the whole book together (at least for me) was the potential benefit of such “lies,”… More What’s the Dream? – How We Can Maybe Suck Less

He Shares; He Smiles

A book called The Power of Now gathering dust on my shelf The snot still oozing toward my upper lip Second guesses and stammers Sweat stains on the armpits of my shirts Looks judged to be judgmental Words supposed to have been said Somehow, between all this, I have made a difference. Second guesses and stammers Looks… More He Shares; He Smiles

Frank’s Log II

If you’ve ever read Hemingway, you know it needn’t be pretty. I’ve read a book and a half. The last time my shoes grew too tight, I can’t remember. That’s the thing about life – you don’t recall the past unless it hurts. Or even if you harken back to pleasant memories, the pain of separation… More Frank’s Log II

Frank’s Log

I like when humans appear to me as animals. Those rare interludes in which knowledge is suspended, when a classroom of twenty two students registers simply as mammals in chairs, deliver a breathtaking reversion to pure perception. Somehow I momentarily escape the veil of familiar categorization and truly see. Instead of black kids and nerds… More Frank’s Log

At the beginning of Spring I went puddle-jumping. I don’t mean that I took several short flights on small aircraft. I mean I went around jumping, with my feet, in puddles of water. Gosh, what joy. The air was not crisp. It may have felt crisp to someone coming from humid high temps, but to… More Poop-Soup Throne – A short story