Frank Facts


Welcome to my word dump!

The basics are as follows:
I’m 26. I’m from Baltimore.
Cats are dope. Dogs are dope. I really like pizza, and blueberries. I think music is evidence of our divine capacities. I remember as a kid, when I’d piss myself, it was usually because I was afraid of missing out on something by going to the bathroom. Things like laws against jaywalking or neighborhood covenants on house color are calling cards to me of a doomed culture.

The purpose of this blog is as simple as expression. The posts will come from both sides of the street, the middle of the road, left field, the gutter, and the sewer. I will do my best to avoid posting anything that is completely worthless, but never say never. Basically, I hope to share some thoughtful, thought-provoking thoughts that are honest, insightful, and entertaining. And thoughtful.

If you want to jump right into my mind, check out my first two posts, I Don’t Care and I Actually Care. I know, really disgusting stuff.
What can I say?
I’m a terrible person.


F.C. Stringer

^I sound like a real-life writer when I sign like that, huh?
You can also call me Frank, Fran, Mickey, Mick, or Pitdick.

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So that’s fun.

2 thoughts on “Frank Facts

  1. good to see your writing dude. i dig DFW. I started reading “Infinite Jest awhile back after Cormac turned me on to him. we listened to DFW’s commencement speech at Kenyon college which is pretty incredible. I could really relate to his depiction in Infinite Jest of certain things of which I don’t feel comfortable going into detail about here – but sort of do want to go into detail about here on the other hand – but won’t. I’m not really ready to make a value judgement on that decision at this point. “Some sort of pine” was a little irritating at first and I could feel tension building as I read – tension in the form of anticipation or anger or something else I am not sure. I dig the mixing of autobiograhy with the surreal. I felt like it was a journal entry but then began questioning whether certain things were fact or fiction – namely the part about the narrator slapping the wolf in the face. When I got to the part about the hiker sort of “rejecting” the wolf and the sky changing my quietly powerful reaction to your piece began in earnest. I just wanted to let you know I had a visceral reaction to that part and the part after where the wolf pursues furthur. I think that’s a sign of good writing. keep it coming man. warmest regards – stein

    1. Thanks, Stein! I’m glad Some Sort of Pine did something for you.
      Yea, DFW is the fucking man. His commencement speech is so on point. I’ve only dipped my toes into IJ, I wasn’t in the right mindset for it. But now I’m warming back up – reading some of his earlier writing, getting familiar with his style and voice – so I’m better prepared to read IJ and get the most out of it.
      Appreciate the kind words, man. Hope all’s well.

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