I like to take pictures sometimes.
All the photos you see here on the site were snapped by yours truly.

So, I started building a store on Society6 to make prints available for these and other photos.
There are other products available as well, from t-shirts to coffee mugs (the real winners are the “All Over Print Shirts”). I will be gradually building the image selection and product availability. It is surprisingly time consuming.

I have not yet ordered prints from this site, so I cannot personally guarantee quality, especially at the largest sizes. I have one on the way, so I will update once it has arrived.
But according to others, the quality is great –
Review by Marc Johns
Review by Naomi van Doren

Navigation can be a bit confusing, so start here:

From there, you can either click the photo you like and then scroll down for other products available with that image, or select one of the product categories on the left to see which images are enabled for that product.

If that’s still too confusing, just send me cash and I’ll mail you a box of pages torn out of National Geographic magazines.

Happy shopping!